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PMI are actively inviting opportunities of investment. We have clear commercial objectives and a strategy to see this product and project delivered to the world market. Our product technologies are licensable and we have a number of background opportunities which would interest cooperate investors. We are interested in talking with individuals and VC consortiums regarding investment and are open to entertain venture acquisitions from medical groups wishing to incorporate the Safeceps™ technology and product portfolio into their product range.

In the latter stage of our commercialisation we will be interested in identifying global distribution networks, licensee distributors and exclusive contract suppliers to see this product sold in the global market.

We also have a product offering a similar solution to the Safeceps™ appropriate for the Central African/ Latin American markets. Exclusively for these products adaptation we would are interested in forming charitable partnerships to see this product delivered in places of greatest need. This project is exclusive to charities, NGOs and private individuals who operate in these locations.

We have the below documents available at request, subject to the signing of an NDA:


PMI – Teaser Document 2012-14

PMI – Executive Summary 2012-14

PMI – Business Plan 2012-14

PMI – Financial Modelling & Key Assumptions 2012-14


For all enquiries of investment, opportunity and support please contact Dale Harper at:



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