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The Safeceps™ are a modern-day plastic adaptation of the traditional obstetric forceps. The product encompasses a number of patented technologies which allow for the categorical measurement of traction and compressive force exhorted upon the fetal head during instrumental delivery. The Safeceps™ are used in conjunction with a monitoring software system (called the SafeGuard™) which visualises and records the measurement data in real-time. The software system is based upon existing technologies available on the market and can easily be adapted to an increased functionality and data acquisition to other products. The real-time feedback provides an unprecedented insight into to the forces and applied forces of instrumental delivery. The Safeceps™ presents a tangible confidence to the user of the product and reassurance to the family and mother of the child.

The Safeceps™ provide a system which changes a very subjective operation to a methodological, systematic and evidenced based procedure – guided by objective measures.

The hope of the Safeceps™ is that it will replace the traditional forceps procedure and give an advantaged alternative to caesarean-sections and the use of the ventouse. Patient safety is the paramount objective and insuring this is our greatest endeavour and goal.


Awards: IF Award | RedDot Award | Cardiff Design Award

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