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PMI is a collective team of four key members who bring together the requisite knowledge and expertise of their individual backgrounds. The team, though based in Cardiff are geographically spread throughout the UK (Mainly North Staffordshire and Birmingham). The team comprises Managing Director, Dale Harper, who is both the product designer and core driver of the venture, Prof. Khaled Ismail, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire who is also Senior Lecturer in Keele Medical School and Lead for Reproductive Health and Childbirth Speciality Group, David Townsend, the mechanical engineer of the team, John Nally, the electronic engineer who developed the electronic subsystem of the product, and Ian Mortimer an experienced project manager in the development of medical devices. The team is also supported with financial and legal advice from Ian Lawrence, a previous PricewaterhouseCoopers consultant.

The team is also supported and advised through a number of organisations. These representative parties are listed below:

UWIC – University of Wales Institute Cardiff
Keele University
University Hospital North Staffordshire
Birmingham Woman Hospital
PDR – The National Centre for Product Design & Development Research
WIN (Welsh Innovators Network) WAG – Welsh Assembly Government
G2E – Graduating 2 Enterprise


The PRO Medical Innovations Management Team:

Prof. Khaled Ismail MSc, MD, PhD, MRCOG 

Consultant and Senior Lecturer in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Professor Khaled Ismail is a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist and lead for Reproductive Health and Childbirth specialty group in the West Midlands North Comprehensive Local Research Network. He originally identified the problem and sought a design solution and was involved in the initial prototype development of 1999/2000. Khaled Ismail provides the medical knowledge and expertise to advise on design development and also facilitates contact to the medical arena. He is also a Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Keele University Medical School. As a clinical academic he is experienced in conducting medical clinical trials and reviews of therapeutic effectiveness. Hence, he gives credibility to the company’s cause within the medical profession and he is the representative authority on this product and medical solution within the health profession.

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Mr Dale Harper MSc:

Dale Harper is the product designer and the core driver behind the venture. The product concept was collaboratively developed during his degree in 2007 and Advanced Product Design MSc course in 2008. It is this product which is being commercialised in this venture. He exhibits expertise in industrial design, project management, prototype development, software engineering and usability testing. Dale Harper has recently resigned from his full-time role as Design Engineer and New Business Development Liaison with PDR – The National Centre for Product Design & Development Research (as associate organisation to UWIC who have been involved in the products prototype development), to take up full-time responsibilities of PMI Managing Director.

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Mr Arild Eide:

Arild Eide is a financial management consultant specialising in supporting emerging growth companies in primarily the technology and life sciences industries with matters regarding financial strategy and in particular funding and exit planning for private companies. Arild has been actively involved in financing businesses for over 25 years, primarily as a professional fund manager, but also as security analyst, portfolio strategist, in corporate finance and accountancy. Arild was part of the management team of a start-up life insurance company with responsibilities that included financial management, accounting and regulatory financial reporting. Through working closely with a number of medical device companies over the years, Arild has seen first-hand how various financial, regulatory and marketing strategies have been implemented.

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The PRO Medical Innovations Founding Members:


Mr David Townsend:


David Townsend is the mechanical engineer of the team. He has had experience with company operations and has been the communication liaison for the electromechanical aspects of the product development. David Townsend was involved in the original projects prototype development in 1999/2000 and oversees the electromechanical subsystem development. He also contributes a large skill set in developing the purely mechanical adaptations of the Safeceps™ product portfolio.


Mr John Nally:

Mr John Nally is the electronic engineer who has developed the electronic subsystem of the product. His specialist skills lie in signal processing, motherboard prototyping and system programming. He was involved in the initial prototype development of 1999/2000. He is responsible for the electronic specification requirements of the computer system and Safeceps™ internal electronic design.



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